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Sex Addiction Groups

Sexual addiction thrives in secrecy and is therefore often described as an intimacy disorder.  Sexual addicts, in an effort to protect themselves, often compartmentalize life to such a degree that family, friends, and loved one’s are pushed away and the addict is engulfed in loneliness. Groups permit individuals to slowly take steps of vulnerability and share themselves in a safe and supportive environment.  A trained facilitator can further the recovery by gently assisting individuals to work through common struggles and issues that individuals may normally avoid.  For many people the group experience is the first experience where they become truly known.  

Groups often produce anxiety as there is often great fear at the thought of being vulnerable and letting others know one’s weakness.  This is normal, as an addict has trained himself or herself to protect self and keep others out of this part of his or her life.  Yet, talking with others who share a similar story brings a sense of normalcy, encouragement, and hope for a better life.  Relationships are built and the skills you develop within the relationships of group will help you better live out your relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. 

At Recovery Waters Counseling we offer groups for addicts and partners/spouses of addicts.  Please contact us if you desire more information about our groups.

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