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sex addiction and spouse betrayal counseling in Alaska nature mountains

Offering Hope and Healing for those Struggling with, and Impacted by, Sex and Porn Addiction

If not now, when?

Today's the day to take the first step in a positive direction!

Recovery Waters Counseling

Recovery Waters Counseling understands the unique needs, and specializes in, helping heal individuals, relationships, and families of those affected by Porn and Sexual Addiction.

A Christian man standing by a lake in Alaska thinking about seeing a counselor for sex addiction.
A Christian couple sitting on a couch at their marriage therapist's office for sex and porn addiction counseling in Palmer, Alaska.

Couples Therapy

A man or woman in Palmer, Alaska using a computer to look for a pornography counselor or therapist.


A family sits together in a counselor's office to discuss how to help family members process changes and decisions resulting from sex addiction.

Family Recovery

A Christian spouse or partner of a sex addict sitting on a couch dealing with her betrayal trauma in a counselor or therapist's office in Alaska.


A group of men sitting in a sex addiction recovery support group at counselor's office in Palmer, Alaska.

Recovery Groups

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Recovery Waters Counseling 

9061 E Frontage Road

Palmer, Alaska 99645

Tel: 907-406-7640

Fax: 1-877-354-5075

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