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Sex Addiction Counseling Services

At Recovery Waters Counseling we provide a variety of specialized sexual addiction counseling services.

Sex Addiction Counseling
Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is characterized by out-of-control sexual behavior with distinct consequences upon self, family, friends, and loved ones, in which the behaviors continue despite sincere and persistent efforts to stop. Addicts use denial, mimimization, rationalization and lies to cover up the problem, which only keeps the addict more isolated and locked in feelings of shame.

couples counseling for sex addiction
Couples Recovery

After a period of time in which the addict has received counseling, and preferably the partner/spouse, couples can begin to address the issues that are core to their relationships such as restoration of trust, improved means of communication, forgiveness, boundaries, and improved intimacy through honestly sharing feelings. 

Pornography Counseling

Pornography is accessible, affordable, can be viewed anonymously and is highly addictive.  Pornography changes the brain’s chemistry by altering the synapses of the brain. Recovery is possible and counseling can help get to the root of the problem and provide new ways to live in relationships with those you love.  

Counseling for spouse of sex addicts

Partners/Spouses of sex addicts often experience a significant amount of trauma when discoverying their loved one's behavior.  Shock, denial, anger, hopelessness, guilt, shame, confusion are all feelings that are reasonable to experience in this situation. Counseling can help you process through the trauma of discovery and your next steps.

Family counseling for sex addiction
Family Recovery

There is often much confusion and difficulty in knowing how to discuss addiction within the family.  Wondering what is age appropriate to tell the kids, what they might already know, and how to talk about why things are different can be very challenging.  At Recovery Waters Counseling we are here to help you process through these important decisions and provide support for you and your children. 

Sex addiction counseling groups
Recovery Groups

Groups permit individuals to slowly take steps of vulnerability and share themselves in a safe and supportive environment. For many people the group experience is the first experience where they can become truly known.  At Recovery Waters Counseling we offer groups for addicts and partners/spouses of addicts.  Please contact us if you desire more information about our groups.

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